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If you want to develop a property on Green Belt land, in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSI), or even just in countryside with no other developments, you will find the planning process to be much tougher than developing on a standard site. You will need to achieve something called Paragraph 80 consent – and we can help you.

This is particularly relevant if you’re starting a ‘Grand Designs’ type project. Get a head start by knowing the Paragraph 80 requirements and making sure your designs and your application meet them.

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Paragraph 80

What is Paragraph 80?

Paragraph 80(e) is part of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF). It allows the construction of single dwellings in protected areas in exceptional circumstances. In order to receive this permission, your application to ensure that you have considered the site and the surrounding landscape as part of both your architectural and landscaping plans. The key considerations are:

  • Will the property and landscape be of exceptional quality?
  • Will it be truly outstanding?
    Does it reflect the highest standards in architecture?
  • Will it help to raise standards of design more generally in rural areas?
  • Does it significantly enhance its immediate setting?
  • Is it sensitive to the defining characteristics of the local area?

The way that each planning authority applies and measures these applications varies from one to another. So it’s important that you take the time to get every element of your application absolutely right – and that includes your landscaping and garden design.

Paragraph 80
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More than a beautiful garden design

A garden and landscaping plan for a Paragraph 80 application needs to show much more than just a pretty garden. You must show that you have considered the following:

  • Integrated and sustainable technology that takes advantage of the site’s landscape and resources.
  • Is in character with the local community and the history of the area, using local materials with contextual design and a modern approach.
  • Sensitivity to the site and to its defining characteristics.
  • Creating a narrative that places your development clearly within its historical and geographical context.
  • Sustainable design with a minimal carbon footprint.
  • Retaining the natural biodiversity and creating new habitats so there is a net gain.
  • The architecture and landscaping work seamlessly together.

For example, by working with architects to form a relationship between the interior and exterior spaces, we can weave the elements of the site together, using woodland, wildlife habitats, wildflower meadows and good long-term site management to underpin the whole scheme. PC Landscapes can help across all these areas, making sure you can have the beautiful garden and landscape you want, while being fully compliant with all planning conditions.

Where applications are refused or appealed, the quality of the landscape design is often a factor – so talk to our professional landscaping team today to get yours right first time.

Paragraph 80
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