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To create the perfect garden for you, we work through our design process together. This reflects the core values of our founder, award-winning Chartered Landscape Designer Paul Cowell, who sits on RHS show garden selection and judging panels. Paul believes in an open and transparent process where you are involved at every stage. This ensures that the project is always under your control, but without the stresses and strains of managing everything yourself. You can be as involved or as hands-off as you like.

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Our design process follows these stages:

1. Consultation

This is where we come to your property to talk to you about what you want to achieve. It’s an important part of the process, because it’s where we get to know you, your family, your lifestyle and your ambitions and aspirations for your garden. It helps us to understand your likes and dislikes, see any mood boards or other inspiration you’ve put together and ask questions about what your perfect garden would look like.

We also take this opportunity to walk round your current space with you, so we can see its potential for landscaping and development. A topographical survey of your garden and landscape is a recommended starting point as well as a useful start of the discussions we have.

2. Surveying and Topographical

Central to our ability to design and build the garden you aspire to, is understanding the site in detail. Our topographical, soil and other site surveys help us to learn more about your landscape, and allows us to give you advice that is based on an in-depth understanding of the land around your property.

3. Masterplan Concept

Our ethos is to integrate your requirements with the natural environment around you, simplifying the complex to create a series of harmonious spaces that are aesthetically functional, biodiverse, climate aware and budget-friendly.

Our Masterplan reflects this approach, giving you a scaled masterplan which allows you to see the whole scheme holistically so that you can make informed decisions before proceeding to the design detail stage. We take all site-specific factors into this stage, so that what you see is a realistic, practical and buildable design.

4. Technical and Detailed Design

This stage is critical to the accurate landscaping and garden build, as it gives all the technical details needed, including for any structural engineering or utility works. It can also be used in conjunction with your Masterplan to support planning applications or discharge of conditions.

The Technical and detailed design plan includes lighting and irrigation plans. These can also be produced independently for other design work, or to enhance and support any existing designs you have.

We select plants that are best for the conditions in your garden, but we often advise property owners to invest in an irrigation scheme. This helps with easy, long-term maintenance and is particularly useful for clients who are away from the property for long periods.

Our lighting plan covers all aspects of your design - from security and safety to creating atmosphere and providing lighting around pools or tennis courts. Every element is specified in detail.

5. Planting plan & planting schedule

Your planting plan sets out all the plants, trees, shrubs and feature elements that we have selected for your garden. It shows the locations of all the plants we have selected, with exact names and details.

It will be fully priced, setting out clearly the quantity needed and includes details on the benefits of various plants – such as pollinating plants or plants chosen for a specific area because of drainage or shade. It is an invaluable document to get and show you how the finished garden will look, and to help you plan for aftercare and maintenance.

6. Site coordination

Once you have approved the design and all the plans, we work with you to select and appoint specialist contractors where necessary to support our experienced landscape teams with the build. We manage everything on site and are available at any time to discuss progress and ensure everything is going to plan.



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