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A beautiful, traditional-style greenhouse is a must in your kitchen garden. Growing your own fruit and vegetables – whether you are doing it yourself or have a garden team to help – is one of the most satisfying parts of having a garden, and a properly-built, well-equipped greenhouse is the perfect starting point.

Even if you’re not a kitchen gardener, greenhouses are perfect spaces for hot-house plant collections, or for oranges, lemons, grapes and other sun-loving trees, plants and vines. We can help you choose the perfect greenhouse for your garden, and make sure it, and the surrounding borders, beds and other features are fully integrated into your design.

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Traditional look, modern fit

Of course, while your greenhouse looks like a classic from the outside, you can completely customise the internal fittings and features to meet your needs. There’s a wide choice of internal flooring styles, and we can integrate benching, shelving, beds and storage to make your greenhouse practical as well as beautiful.

To make the most of your greenhouse, why not add steel floor grills for traditional heating, or connect to your mains heating, if you need warmth throughout the winter. With both task and decorative lighting, all the power you need, and automatic vents so you can manage the temperature, your greenhouse is a 21st century building.

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Why not consider adding a feature sink in stone or ceramic? A good water system is essential to a productive greenhouse – you can connect to mains water, and also reuse rainwater which can be fed straight into an irrigation system.

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Of course, your greenhouse isn’t just a building - think about fitting cold frames outside your greenhouse to expand your growing area, for example. By making your greenhouse a feature point in your garden, you can use paving, lighting, raised beds, borders and even water features to bring the whole area together.

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